Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Cats Know Their Color

My wife is getting dressed for work in the morning. She takes a wool skirt, fresh from the dry cleaner, and lays it on the bed for a moment then turns to pull a blouse out of the closet. When she turns back around, the gray skirt has a gray cat on it.

When she acts shocked to see him there, he gives her a look as if to say "Why are you surprised? I've been here all morning!"

Another day, in the evening, this time it's a black dress. My wife turns away for a moment to adjust a piece of jewelry. Turns back, and there's a black cat curled up on the dress, sound asleep. Been there for hours, you can tell by how settled in and sound asleep she is.

A new couch is delivered. A battle begins. Only one cat will fit on a 9 foot couch, you see. And that cat is the gray one. The couch is gray, he's gray. Obviously it's his couch! The black cat huddles on a black briefcase that's been left on the floor. But she's got her eye on the couch. Doesn't that stupid gray cat see that the couch isn't gray? It's black and white, just like her. With very narrow stripes.

The orange cat admits defeat, and waits for an orange towel to appear with the laundry basket. The mottled tabby is watched carefully by all. He'll lay on anything. No sense of color.

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