Saturday, August 9, 2008

Cat Ready for a Day at Work

Zyelena sitting in a briefcase, ready to go to work.

For my wife the hardest part of every day was leaving for work. Her cat, Zyelena, would do everything she could to keep her from leaving. The cat would do everything she could to slow Toni down as she got ready. In the sweetest possible way, of course, so how could you scold her? She'd try to distract Toni, cuddle with her during breakfast, lead her away from the door, and block the door.

Finally, when it was clear that Toni was going to leave, she'd get the most hurt little expression on her face. She not only looked disappointed, she looked heartbroken. You could tell she felt betrayed. But she would keep looking at Toni, as if waiting for a last minute change of heart. It was wrenching to have to close the door on that sweet little face.

Day after day she'd try one thing after another. Of course, nothing worked. Sometimes Zyelena could get mom to come back to her for a few moments, but never to stay.

Then one morning Zyelena had an idea.

Toni was ready to go. She steeled herself for the heartbroken looks she'd get as she headed for the door.

Instead, the cat had a bright, happy look on her face. She trotted over to Toni's briefcase and hopped in. She looked up at Toni as if to say, "I'm all ready, let's go!"

After all, she knew mom was going to leave. And the briefcase would go, too. So all Zyelena had to do was get in the briefcase and she could go with mom!
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